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2KM2 is a groundbreaking collaboration between two growing artists of modern music: 2K and M2.

2KM2 is named after the combination of their names/surnames (KK/MM) as well as 2 square kilometres.
The duo collaborated in the past on many projects up until they realised they wanted something more and created this exciting project called 2KM2.

Their music is a intelligent mix of alternative, pop, electro, synth disco and rock.
The songs will soon take the charts, radios and dance floors by storm.

The album IT WAS TOUGH (out 24 September 2014) was recorded at their own EsperalTwinz Studios in London, mixed by Adrian Breakspear at Bank Studios, London (for MILOCO) and mastered by Simon Davey (with help of Karen Thompson) at the Exchange, London.



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